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Charlotte in The Revolutionists

I cannot wait to make my Oil Lamp Theater debut in their upcoming production of The Revolutionists.  I get to play Charlotte, a badass assassin and a dream role of mine.  We run for six weeks this Spring and I know its going to be a fun one.  You can get tickets here and come talk about revolution, theater, and sisterhood with us.

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Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

I am so excited to be understudying for Strawdog Theater Company's holiday production of Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins directed by Hannah Todd.  This TYA show has music, puppets, and some wonderfully silly jokes.   This is my first show working with Strawdog and I am so grateful for their warm welcome to Chicago.  My understudy performance is scheduled for December 23rd, so if you're in Chicago, come watch us play!

The Alchemists' Camelot Lost

I had the pleasure of workshopping the role of Bedivear for J.A. Green's new play Camelot Lost, a modern adaptation of Thomas Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur.  I loved working with new material and it has been so fun being part of developing this story with director Christl Climans and our wonderful cast.  


I Moved to Chicago!

This summer of '22 I packed up my Subaru, hitched quite a few bikes to the back, and drove across the country from CA to IL.  I am a happy new member of the Windy City, and I am so excited to explore new neighborhoods, see some incredible theater, and keep working on my bell kick (which needs a lot of help, see the image above).  Go Bulls!


PCPA Graduation

Well folks, I finally did it!  I just graduated from PCPA's professional acting training program.  My class' education was interrupted by plague, so we are proudly PCPA's only three year class.  I am so grateful to all of my teachers for their wisdom and their kindness.  I will always cherish the time I got to spend in the studios and on the stages and PCPA.  Stay tuned for what's coming next!

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Trojan Women

I just opened and closed a short run of Ellen McLaughlin's play, The Trojan Women.  Adapted from the play by Euripides, it tells the story of the women of Troy right after the Greeks come out of the Trojan Horse and destroy their city.  It is utterly tragic, and paints a grim picture of the burdens women bear in wartime.  It was my fist time working with a Greek Tragedy and I cannot wait to get my hands on another one.  Andy Philpot was our fabulous director and pictured above are my cast mates Gracie Jurczyk, Ekaterina Bouras, Sarah Raines, Sydney Ennis, Emma LaFever, Hanne Shaye, Evelyn-Claire Smith, Tyrone Rex Jones, and Colin Toohey.


Octavio Solis' Mother Road

I had the absolute honor of playing Ivy, Officer Hamilton, and a chorus member in Octavio Solis' new play, Mother Road.  It was directed by Robert Ramirez at PCPA, Pacific Conservatory Theater, on the central coast of California.  This play tells a beautiful story about family, land, and home.   From the Oklahoma dust bowl to the strawberry fields in California, this was a journey I am so grateful to have been a part of.


I'm a Puppeteer Now

Who knew?!  I recently had the opportunity to learn a brand new skill and play with theater in a way that I had never experienced before.  I got to be the puppeteer in PCPA's The Secret Garden, playing a snake (known to the cast as JJ) and a robin (known as Wally).  I learned a lot about focus, internal monologue, and play with these little guys.  George Walker coached me and taught me the technical skills to bring these characters' physical and emotional worlds to life.

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