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A bit about me

I am currently living and working in Chicago, IL with my partner, Balam, and our little black cat, Bridget.  I spend my time outside of the rehearsal room making coffee at my local barista job, playing the cello, or visiting the sweet animals at Lincoln Park Zoo.  I am so excited about the rich community I have already found in Chicago, and I am so grateful for my parents, my sister, and my friends who continue to support me.

I grew up in a small town in Western NY and I didn’t have a lot of exposure to theater, so I made my own.  I cast my friends in homemade adaptations of Macbeth and Twelfth Night, and we performed weekly in our backyard with tinker-toy swords and pillowcase tunics.  It was a dime to attend, but you were guaranteed at least two dramatic death scenes and a dry seat on the grass.  After a heavy dose of community theater , I created my own youth theater programming, The Angelica Players.  We ran summer theater programs for kids in New York and California.  I might even have learned more about playfulness, bold choices, and drama from those kids than they learned from me.  I then studied at PCPA’s professional acting training program.  I loved the intensive, all-consuming, and focused conservatory lifestyle and I thrived there.  I had the absolute privilege of performing on their stages next to my incredible teachers and classmates.  After graduation I moved to Chicago to continue to pursue acting professionally. 


I firmly believe that one has to live life to be able to tell stories about it, and I’ve tried to do my fair share of that.  I was an exchange student in Brazil for a while, learning Portuguese, Samba, and how to make pao de queijo.  I have spent many hours waiting tables in diners and bars.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, where I dissected sheep brains, trained real life pigeons, and heard far too much about Freud.  I studied massage therapy in Costa Rica and then ran my own Massage Therapy business in California.  I’ve read a lot of Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries, but I haven’t yet solved any before Poirot.  


Thank you for reading and getting to know me a little.  I hope that someday you’re a part of my story. 

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